Valentine Gift

Gosh so long since I last posted, and so many changes have occurred in our country. I was thinking about Valentine gifts. Here's an idea for a gift that you can share with your loved one. Select a piece of chocolate from you favorite bar of chocolate, and offer it to your loved one. Take a piece for yourself. Both of you do the following:

Look at your piece of chocolate, observe the shape (is it symmetrical, is it the same on all sides?)

Bring the chocolate up to your nose (can you discern the smell, does it have different odors to smell?)

Slowly touch the chocolate with the tip of your tongue (does it begin to melt straight away, can you feel any texture or difference in temperature?)

Place the piece of chocolate on your tongue and hold it there for of a few seconds (what do you feel, what do you notice?)

Slowly savor the chocolate.

You have just practiced mindfulness!

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