Simplifying your life..

Cherry Blossom

Do you feel that your day seems to be going in slow motion? And your to-do list seems to grow with fewer items checked off per day? Then maybe it is time to simplify your life. What are the essentials to complete this week? It is easy to get overwhelmed, and sometimes we see people moving fast, but maybe they are just spinning their wheels (imagine a hamster on its exercise wheel !). Think of all the things that you have said yes to, or volunteered your time. It pays to hesitate before saying yes, or if you can say "let me think about it, and I'll get back to you by ..".

If you find that your brain is overloaded with thoughts, then take a few minutes to practice mindfulness - sit still for a few minutes focussing on your breathing, and being in touch with your surroundings. Do I feel warm, or cold? What do I hear in the distance? What do you see near-by? Just taking those few minutes of "time out" can reset your body,

enough even to re-energize and re-focus.

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