I was reaching for my coffee mug the other day. As my lips hovered above the rim to take a sip, I noticed a ladybug resting on the rim. I looked cross-eyed close to the ladybug. It was alive but for the most part just hanging out, so I gently put the mug back on the table and returned to the task at hand on my laptop. I looked back to see that it was no longer on the rim of the mug. Had it flown away? Probably...or not. I looked into the mug and there it was floating on the top of the last part of the coffee.

Since a little girl I have been entranced my ladybugs, or ladybirds as they are referred to in England. They represent peace, joy and luck if you made a wish before they fly away. I quickly and slowly poured the dregs onto the surface of the nearest plant pot, and gently blew over the little bug. Why on earth would I do that, you might ask? I was not too sure at the time, probably something to do with wanting to dry it out, or maybe revive it. I was probably not thinking if there was more carbon dioxide in the breath than oxygen. The ladybug began to move, and I smiled to myself. Maybe it seemed to be moving a little jerkily, and at a faster than usual pace after some intake of caffeine, I joked to myself!

All this effort for a little bug. My afternoon was interrupted by memories of childhood imagery of a little ladybug moving along a chubby finger, and a child's fascination with the friendly, colorful insect. I could almost feel the warm summer breeze moving across my skin. So I was caught in the moment, with the world and thoughts of tasks set aside. I could empathize with the little insect. I chose to interrupt my day, I chose to empathize with the plight of the insect and I chose to try to "rescue" it. We can choose to set aside our life to be part of another's life, great or small.

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